HOW IT WORKS business portal is a booking management that was built for organization and individuals who want to track their expense.

Expense Management made easy. Gain visibility and control over company's hotel booking, see when and how your employees are booking. Our simple reporting makes audit easier.

Built with the business traveller in mind. The platform is easy and reliable to use and give you access to over 8,000 hotels in Nigeria. Book hotels and let your company go through any paperwork.

To simplify your financial accounting, offers an automated invoicing system that bills your company at the end of each financial month so you don't have to pay for every reservation until the end of the month. Companies interested in this service can book hotels for their employees and pay their bill as the end of the month. This service has no extra cost

Our other regular payment process are also available.
  1. Pay on arrival: This option means that your reservation would be made at the hotel and that you would have to pay on arrival at the hotel
  2. Pay Now (Prepay for booking): Your reservation would be made at the hotel and you would also be able to pay for your reservation before the day of arrival at the hotel. On selecting this option, A tabbed box would be revealed below the selection where you would make various optios for prepayments